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Gravity generations: 'well, well, well....' by Comicpinks123
Gravity generations: 'well, well, well....'
' Piper stood in the grey world, confused and freaked out, she clutched her briefcase as she looked around. "Where am i...." she whispered.

"Man, and here i thought i was talking to six fingers" said a voice, she suddenly turned around to see a....flying dorrito?

"W-What the? W-Who are you?" asked piper, trying to not laugh at his form.

"Aw, pine tree and sixer not told you who i am, piper ford pines?" went the 'dorrito'.

Piper gaped at him, her hat tipped, revealing her cipher mark slightly, "Well, well, well, this works just as much..." said the being, "the names bill, six fingers" said bill, "B-Bill?" stammered piper in shock.

"Well, well, well, those 2 genious' clearly taught you nothing!" said bill. '

It grew too tempting to draw, besides, in the 5th episode of the series he posessess piper anyway, so yeah......

Also, her amulet is missing, why? it got a crack in it and she left it with ford before going to school, hence why bill can now go into her mind.

Base by: Nerdygirl311
The Mystery Trio: Journal Pages by Comicpinks123
The Mystery Trio: Journal Pages
Another Gravity Generations thing ladies and gents, i really need to design nina gleefull, harper, rani valetino and other characters soon though......

So anyway, in the series, piper is given a journal by her grunkle ford to conduct her own research in and somehow, i see her doing pages on her and her 2 ally's in all of this, aka her cousin, Stanley Pines II, son of her aunt, Mabel pines and Lucy Northwest, daughter of pacifica northwest in the series.

At first, i was gonna have piper write stanley's page, but that idea of him doing it made me laugh like heck.
Marcus Gleeful by Comicpinks123
Marcus Gleeful
Gravity Generations character alert!

Here is the son of the one and only, Gideon Gleeful. Marcus inherits his mothers hair and height but inherits his fathers dark side of personality and loves manupulating people.

But bad news for piper because......he has a crush on her. And he will not take 'No' for a answer. (this is proberly why when he first introduces himself to ford and piper, who attended his show due to their need to get some supernatural stuff.......that ford dragged piper away and glared at marcus......the ford death glare, it exists!)

But in secret, he is working for bill, who gave marcus his amulet in the first place. He is also close with fellow bill cult member Nina Goldsworth and often keeps the cult running when shes out.

Due to this, ford often answers the door or phone calls marcus does, says something that should not be repeated and hangs up or slams the door and then tells piper to not go out or use any phones for the day.

Base by: Manthira
This series is not dead, just saying, but as stated, year 10 has proven to be hell on earth, with its dam homework every day now, seriously, at least last year in year 9 we got thursdays off now and then with the homework.....

So anyway, the EPF academy, if you hae not seen yet, has a revamp, on plot and characters, and also their main looks they wear, (also, i think its a miracle, i actually drew penguins, well, sort off, without any bases! though the penguins, seperately, took 15-20 or 30 minutes each....) check this for the new looks of the main team: EPF Academy: New Version by Comicpinks123

So anyway....... this is the characters who appear in the series, from main to minor to ships to possible theme songs;

*Gal/Jet Pack Gal- the younger sister of jet pack guy, her real name is gal. The lone wolf of the team who struggles to make friends around the academy and looks up to her older brother, copies his shades and jet pack thing and is often seen in the air in her free time. She takes a codename similar to him too due to her claiming it makes sense.
*Galaxy/Zoe the gadget gal- the daughter of gary the gadget guy and a penguin named lucy, real name is galaxy. The member of the team who is a science geek and loves doctor who. Nickname is her childhood name and of course, is always seen with her bag of gadgets on missions.
*Olivia Brooklyn Lynn/Rani- the younger sister of rookie, real name is olivia brooklyn lynn. Nickname rani was taken by her when she grew embaressed of her full name. A sporty type who enjoys running alot but also archery now and then and loves star wars as well. Though she is forever late for something at least each day.
*Lilanna/Lila- the younger cousin of P.H, real name is lilanna. Her nickname lila is a shorter version of her name. In a similar manner to her cousin, she enjoys animals and loves going into the woods. She is also a artist in a way though, well, a shy one, as she often is seen sketching on her own. Her shy side is most likely due to her not knowing how to make friends propaly.
*Darren/Dan the disguise boy- the younger brother of dot the disguise gal, real name is darren. His nickname dan comes from a shorter version of his name. He may be good at some disguises and enjoys a bit of sneaking, though he can bug his older sister slightly when he doesn't listen to her and is a huge yu-gi-oh fan, though he hates zexal.
*David Jay/D.J- the nephew of aunt arctic/the director, real name is D.J. His nickname is mainly due to his liking of D.J then his real name, which he finds slightly embaressing. D.J is the shy boy who has a liking for music and of course, writing like his aunt. Though he may not show much skills for the team yet, hes a pretty good liar and is good at acting and fooling people.
*Pandora Locket/Skylar- the new girl on the team, real name is pandora locket. Her nickname, Skylar, was chosen by her due to her anger towards her mother and her need to be rebellious. Her father, Ollie, was once a snowboarder but not now due to his family life. Skylar though is making sure to follow in his footsteps and wants to be able to be who she is without her mothers judgement. Due to her older sister, Ava, she often finds it hard to show her mother who she is as her mother often wishes she was like ava, whos a A+ student and is studying fashion. Skylar was recruited into the academy by jet pack guy, after he noticed her, despite her injured flipper, helping a person she doesnt know after they crash on their snowboards in their race on the wrong track. She is the only member of the team who lives in the academy due to her mother.

Other characters/minor ones who still have planning and of course, looks coming in;

*Lucas/Luke the shadow- a RPF agent who struggles to hide his secret crush on zoe, unaware she has one on him too.
*Alexandra/Alex- a student of sensei, a artist boy who has a crush on lila, who also might have one on him.
*Micheal/Micky- a snowboarder boy who skylar may possibly like, but due to their competive friendship, its hard to tell.
*Samantha/Sam- a student at the academy, was recruited into it by dot, skylar's roommate, possibly sammy's cousin.
*Samson/Sammy- a student at the academy, was recruited into it by rookie, might have a crush on amy, possibly sams cousin.
*Amelia/Amy- a student at the academy, was recruited into it by gary, might have a crush on sammy.
*Jennifer/Jen- a student at the academy, was recruited into it by P.H, is a medic in training.  

Other possible future characters;

*Kasandra/Kasey- a student at the academy, possibly recruited into it by gary.
*James- a student at the academy, possibly recruited into it by jet pack guy.
*Vanessa- D.J's twin sister, possibly recruited by her aunt into it. (since shes not confirmed yet, im not confirming if D.J has siblings yet).
*Timothy- a student at the academy, possibly recruited into it by rookie.
*Danielle- a student at the academy, possibly recruited into it by jet pack guy.

Theme songs;

*Jet pack gal- Heart attack by demi lavato. (i honestly cant spell her last name).
*Zoe the gadget gal- Hero by jessie j.
*Rani- You're gonna go far kid by the offspring.
*Lila- Whodunnit by coco jones and adam hicks.
*Dan the disguise boy- Phoenix by fall out boy.
*D.J- Radioactive by imagine dragons.
*Skylar- The mighty fall by fall out boy.
*Luke the shadow- We are by hollywood undead.
*Alex- This aint a scene, its a arm race by fall out boy.
*Micky- Lets get tricky by Bella thorne and roshon fegan.
*Sam- Take it off by kesha.
*Sammy- Thanks for the memories by fall out boy.
*Amy- Thrift shop by lindsey stirling and tyler ward.
*Jen- Warriors by imagine dragons.


*Dal- Jet pack gal x dan the disguise boy.
*Zuke- Zoe the gadget gal x luke the shadow.
*R.J- Rani X D.J.
*Liex- Lila X Alex.
*Mickar- Micky X Skylar.
*Samelia- Sammy x amy.

There we go, theres all that done, please note, this is a made up series, not real, and half of the characters are OCs, not real.
  • Listening to: The phoenix by fall out boy.
  • Reading: Random fanfiction.
  • Watching: Star VS the forces of evil.
  • Playing: Nothing, just reading.
  • Eating: Unless you count random candy, nothing....
  • Drinking: Coke


Comicpinks123's Profile Picture
Megan Melissa Willard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Basically, im a artist on all TV shows as I cant decide but as you can tell with my name, im a comic addict, but do not mention the new 52 or batman beyond to me as im a hater on that and im a robrae shipper and you cant change that. (I noticed a lot of robstar shippers like to comment or tell robrae shippers it will never happen).

I wont list the shows I like as I watch ALOT of them, but narrow it down to doctor who and comic book shows, I mostly do OCs based upon the shows sometimes or sometimes do next generations on them as I work better on next generations on stuff.

I also work a lot on monster high OCs a lot but sometimes EAH too, but do not mention batman beyond, teen titans go!, Frozen or just anything to do with BBrae or robstar.

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